On Display:  August 31 - October 2, 2021
Gallery Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday 11-4pm


WATER will be an exhibition featuring artwork by both Smithy Member Artists and invited Guest Artists. 

Soaked in symbolism, water is not just a biological necessity, but has been imbued with centuries of cultural and spiritual tradition. Even the earliest man had a deeply innate connection to water. Cultures across the globe often imagined water as a generous, life-giving deity, but also as a destructive, unpredictable force – evident in the “flood myths” or stories of drought shared by many traditions. Similarly, we are hoping that you too will consider the many different sides and associations relating to WATER.

Participating Artists:
'(M)' designates Smithy Member Artist

Robert Bensen Charlie Bremer Bob Buck (M) Joyce Cabral (M) Nancy Callahan Michelle Corbett (M) Sandra DeVisser (M) Henry Drexler (M) Richard Duncan (M) Michael Flanagan (M) Ed Garbarino (M) Deborah Geurtze Roberta Griffith (M) Yulia Hanansen Allison Hill-Edgar (M) Joshua Ives Doug Jamieson (M) Sugwon Kang (M) Susan Jones Kenyon (M) Alan Knight (M) Abbey Koutnik (M) Phyllis Lapi (M) Willie Marlowe Mark Mastroianni Bob McCann Andrew McNamara Elizabeth Nields (M) Mary Nolan (M) Colleen O'Hara Michael Piercy Rhea Reynolds (M) Edmond Rinooy-Kan James Schwabach (M) Marcie Schwartzman (M) Tim Sheesley Eric Shute (M) Terry Slade Pamela Strother Linda Suskind-Kosmer Ron Throop (M) Kathy Van Loan (M) Vicki Whicker Phil Young and more!