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Introduction to Handbuilding
with Ann Geiger

4-weeks | April 3 - April 24
$150.00 w/ bag of clay

10:00am - 1:00pm

*No Experience Required*

Description: All levels welcome -
Ann will teach handbuilding techniques beginning with the basic building block of clay slabs. Inexperienced students will focus on the building techniques. More experienced students may take the techniques and work on more complex designs. Come and try!

*4-Person Minimum
*8-Person Capacity

Introduction to Wheel Throwing
with Kris Gildenblatt

8-weeks | April 11 - May 30
$280.00 w/ bag of clay

6:00 - 9:00pm

*No Experience Required*

Description: All levels welcome -
This 8-week introductory class is for beginners with little or no throwing experience. We will systematically work through the basics of using the potter's wheel to make cylinders and cups. In addition we will learn about making handles and finishing our mugs with texture and glaze. Come give it a whirl!


*4-Person Minimum
*8-Person Capacity

with Megan Irving

8-weeks | April 12 - May 31
$280.00 w/ bag of clay

10:00am - 1:00pm

*No Experience Required*

Description: All levels welcome -

In this playful and independent class, we will learn about handbuilding with clay slabs—making and attaching pieces together to build vessels, structures, and tiles. Other handbuilding techniques like coils and surface work will be covered as needed. We will talk about templates and repeating processes so students may choose to make sets or variations on a theme. Taking a few risks by trying something adventurous while you have the support of a class structure will be encouraged, so bring your fresh ideas, and we will work together to create them.

*3-Person Minimum
*8-Person Capacity

Centering the Potter and the Clay
with Karla Andela

8-weeks | April 12 - May 31
$280.00 w/ bag of clay

6:00 - 9:00pm

*No Experience Required*

Description: All levels welcome -
Learn the basics of wheel throwing in this fun and relaxing evening class. I’ll lead some stretching and breathing to shift from our busy day into this space of creativity! With careful attention to body alignment to increase safety, we will practice making multiple forms on the wheel. Throwing, trimming, glazing, and some hand building techniques are all included in this 8-week class.

*4-Person Minimum
*8-Person Capacity

Open Studio

8-weeks | April 10 - June 2

Mondays, Wednesday, Friday
1:30pm - 4:30pm

Thursday Evening
6:00pm - 9:00pm

8-Week Open Studio Only
$180.00 w/ bag of clay
8-Week Open Studio w/ Class

Open Studio Drop-In Fee
$30.00 + clay sold separately

Description: Our Open Studio Sessions are open to anyone and everyone, but knowledge and skill of handbuilding and wheel throwing is required as Open Studio is a place for experienced clay artists to work on personal projects. There will be no instruction provided during Open Studio.

Additional Information Below

One on One Sessions
with Eileen Anania

Not Currently In Session, Stay Tuned For Session Availability
$75.00 *no clay included*

Times Variable
Contact Eileen Anania directly

*No Experience Required*

Description: All levels welcome -
Want to learn a new throwing skill or sharpen the skills you already have? If so, sign up for a two-hour, one on one lesson with Eileen. After contacting the studio you will contact Eileen directly to schedule a mutually agreed upon time (including evenings and weekends).

Register for any and all of these Classes by contacting us at [email protected] or (607) 547-9777

Open Studio

Open Studio is open to experienced potters and clay artists for work on personal projects.  No instruction provided.  Adults only please!


--  8 Week Session: $180 w/ bag of clay

--  4 Week Session:  $90 , one bag of clay included

--  Drop-in Open Studio Fee: $30

April 10 - June 2

Monday  ................  1:30am - 4:30pm
Wednesday  ........  1:30 - 4:30pm
Thursday  .............  6 - 9pm
Friday  ...................  1:30 - 4:30pm

Note:  If no participants have arrived for a session in the first 1.5 hours, the session will be canceled!

Register by emailing the Studio Manager at [email protected]!

Kiln Rentals

We will be offering whole kiln rentals for people who do not wish to create work in the studio at this time.

If you wish to use clay or glaze not available from the studio, both must be approved by the studio manager prior to firing. We ask that you bring receipts or recipes for review and approval.  We reserve the right to deny firing if we deem it a risk to the equipment. 

Please contact Adam at [email protected] to arrange the time-frame for your kiln rental. 

Firing Fees

Small Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $35
    Glaze Firing Cone 6  -  $45

Large Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $45
    Glaze Firing Cone 6  -  $55 

 If you want to be on our email lists contact us at [email protected]

Bags of clay are available for purchase at $35/bag!

Glazing and firing fees are included in this price.

*We ask that everyone work together to keep our studio healthy and safe. With that said, we strongly advise anyone who is experiencing any Covid or flu-like symptoms to not attend class or open studio until it is safe to do so. Please err on the side of caution, and feel free to email the studio with any questions you may have about attending class or open studio.

*Mask wearing will be optional for everyone working in the studio during Open Studio Hours

*Mask requirements are determined by instructor for all classes at the Smithy Clay Studio

*We appreciate your cooperation!

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