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The Clay Studio!

New 6 Week Spring Session
June 20 - July 29
*Closed July 4*

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We will be announcing some summer workshops in the near future! If you want to be on our email lists contact us at [email protected]

Open Studio

Open Studio is open to experienced potters and clay artists for work on personal projects.  No instruction provided.  Adults only please!


--  6 Week Session:  $130 , one bag of clay included

--  Drop-in Open Studio Fee: $30

June 20 - July 29 (Closed July 4)

Monday  ................  10am - 1pm ** NEW TIME**
Wednesday  ........  1:30 - 4:30pm
Thursday  .............  6 - 9pm
Friday  ...................  1:30 - 4:30pm

Please Note:  If no participants have arrived for a session in the first 1.5 hours, the session will be canceled!

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]!

Kiln Rentals

We will be offering whole kiln rentals for people who do not wish to create work in the studio at this time.

If you wish to use clay or glaze not available from the studio, both must be approved by the studio manager prior to firing. We ask that you bring receipts or recipes for review and approval.  We reserve the right to deny firing if we deem it a risk to the equipment. 

Please contact Adam at [email protected] to arrange the time-frame for your kiln rental. 

Firing Fees

Small Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $35
    Glaze Firing Cone 06  -  $45

Large Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $45
    Glaze Firing Cone 06  -  $55 

Bags of clay are available for purchase at $35/bag!

Glazing and firing fees are included in this price.

*The studio will require anyone taking a course or open studio to be fully vaccinated (2 weeks out from second shot), and provide proof with vaccination card or empire pass.

*Mask wearing will be required for everyone working in the studio.

*We appreciate your cooperation! 

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