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New 4 Week Session:
August 2 - September 3

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All About Coffee!
An Advanced Wheel Throwing Class

Mondays   |   10am - 1pm   |   August 2 - 30
No Class 8/16  |   Instructor: Adam Jennett

During this 4-Week Class, we will be using the wheel to make pottery related to the time honored tradition of consuming coffee!  As someone who enjoys copious amounts of coffee, I am often making work related to this caffeinated beverage.  We will be focusing on creating your basic tools for enhancing your coffee drinking experience, such as mugs, creamers, sugar jars and carafes.

--  $150 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

4 - Week
Independent Study

Fridays   |   10am - 1pm  |   August 13 - September 10
No Class 8/20  |  Instructor: Adam Jennett

Independent Study will consist of demonstrations by request, with more specific topics based on student interest.  This class is both foe wheel throwers and hand builders!  We will have one-on-one discussions and work toward personal goals that you have for your work.

-- $150 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

Open Studio

Open Studio is open to experienced potters for work on personal projects.  No instruction provided.  Adults only please!


--  4 Week Session:  $90 , one bag of clay included
--  4 Week Open Studio w/ Class:  $40

August 2 - September 3

Monday  ................  1:30 - 4:30pm
Wednesday  ........  10am - 1pm & 1:30 - 4:30pm
Thursday  .............  6 - 9pm
Friday  ...................  1:30 - 4:30pm

** Clay Studio Closed August 16 - 20!

Please Note:  If no participants have arrived for a session in the first 2.5 hours, the session will be canceled!

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]!

Kiln Rentals

We will be offering whole kiln rentals for people who do not wish to create work in the studio at this time.

If you wish to use clay or glaze not available from the studio, both must be approved by the studio manager prior to firing. We ask that you bring receipts or recipes for review and approval.  We reserve the right to deny firing if we deem it a risk to the equipment. 

Please contact Adam at [email protected] to arrange the time-frame for your kiln rental. 

Firing Fees

Small Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $35
    Glaze Firing Cone 06  -  $45

Large Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $45
    Glaze Firing Cone 06  -  $55 

Bags of clay are available for purchase at $35/bag!

Glazing and firing fees are included in this price.

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