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August 2 - September 3

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Independent Study for Advanced Wheel Throwing

Mondays   |   10am - 1pm   |   September 13 - November 1 
8 Weeks  |  Instructor: Adam Jennett

*Intermediate Wheel Throwing Skills Required
This course will serve as a wheel throwing course that allows for students to explore more independent projects and ideas. With demonstrations focused on more advanced and specific techniques student's will apply these skills to self-directed work. Topics include pouring pots, spouts, more advanced surface and glazing techniques, and much more!
*8-Person Capacity

--  $280 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

Hand Building
with Ann Murdoch Geiger

Tuesdays   |   10am - 1pm  |   September 21- October 12
4 Weeks  |  Instructor: Ann Murdoch Geiger

*Some experience helpful, but beginners welcome
Wonderful clay pieces can be made without a wheel. Learn hand building techniques and make a few functional items. Glazing and firing of your pieces is included in the course.  *6-Person Capacity

-- $150 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

Build a House
with Megan Irving

Wednesdays   |   10am - 1pm  |   September 15- November 3
8 Weeks  |  Instructor: Megan Irving

In this playful and independent class, we will learn about building with slabs—making and attaching rectangular pieces together to build structures. The ceramic house you build can be for any purpose you choose. It could be a candle holder/lantern, art object, or built to aid in the housing crisis faced by toads, fairies, or a favorite miniature toy —it’s up to you! During the first half of the course, we will focus on select hand-building skills, design, and assembly of your houses. We will discuss each project as a group so we can learn from each other, to this end, drawing your ideas before you build is encouraged but not required. During the second half of the class, some students may wish to work on display options, preparing their work for a gallery or home setting while others will want to work on detailed decoration in relief, 3D, or surface work. Depending on your design there may be time to make more than one project. Instruction during the last four weeks will be based on the individual needs of the students enrolled leaving lots of time for working independently and learning from each other. If you are also enrolled in Open Studio you will have more time to work and make slabs ahead of class so they can dry before you build. *8-Person Capacity

-- $280 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

Clay For Beginners
with Kris Gildenblatt

Wednesdays  |  6pm - 9pm   |  September 22- November 10
8 Weeks  |  Instructor: Kris Gildenblatt

*No experience required

If you have always wanted to try ceramics, but have not had the chance this is the class for you! The course will cover all the basics about the studio, clay, glazing, and everything in-between. All the lessons included in the class are designed for someone who has very little to no experience!
*6-Person Capacity 

-- $280 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

Wheel Throwing Boot Camp with Eileen Anania

Thursdays  |  9am - 12pm   |  September 30 - October 21
4 Weeks  |  Instructor: Eileen Anania

*Some wheel experience needed
If you are looking to get back in throwing shape, this is the course for you! You will participate in a crash course boot camp on throwing, and focus on the fundamentals of throwing, trimming, and glazing. This will get you back on track for making all your favorite pottery forms!
*6-Person Capacity

-- $150 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

Coils & Slabs
with Adam Jennett

Fridays  |  10am - 1pm   |  September 17 - November 5
8 Weeks  |  Instructor: Adam Jennett

*Clay experience required
In this hand building class we will cover all the techniques of coil building, as well as building with slabs! As simple as it seems there are a lot of little details we miss while hand building that can be incredibly helpful. Some of the topics we will work on are scaling up with coils, using drawing as a guide, time management with clay, drying techniques, how to handle clay in its different states of dryness, and of course how to apply these skills into making pottery and sculpture! *8-Person Capacity

-- $280 , includes one bag of clay

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]

Open Studio

Open Studio is open to experienced potters for work on personal projects.  No instruction provided.  Adults only please!


--  8 Week Session:  $180 , one bag of clay included
--  8 Week Open Studio w/ Class:  $90

September 13 - November 5

Monday  ................  1:30 - 4:30pm
Wednesday  ........  1:30 - 4:30pm
Thursday  .............  6 - 9pm
Friday  ...................  1:30 - 4:30pm

Please Note:  If no participants have arrived for a session in the first 2.5 hours, the session will be canceled!

Register by emailing Adam at [email protected]!

Kiln Rentals

We will be offering whole kiln rentals for people who do not wish to create work in the studio at this time.

If you wish to use clay or glaze not available from the studio, both must be approved by the studio manager prior to firing. We ask that you bring receipts or recipes for review and approval.  We reserve the right to deny firing if we deem it a risk to the equipment. 

Please contact Adam at [email protected] to arrange the time-frame for your kiln rental. 

Firing Fees

Small Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $35
    Glaze Firing Cone 06  -  $45

Large Kiln

    Bisque Firing Cone 05  -  $45
    Glaze Firing Cone 06  -  $55 

Bags of clay are available for purchase at $35/bag!

Glazing and firing fees are included in this price.

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