August 09 - September 03, 2022


ILLUSTRATION will be an exhibition featuring artwork by both Smithy Member Artists and invited Guest Artists.

ILLUSTRATION - Traditional, digital and contemporary media exploration of the mode of storytelling.

Illustration is a particular branch of art that arose centuries ago in the service of storytelling and the printed word. Early manuscripts and books needed visual images that were provided by artists. Today this work has grown into a mass market print and digital world of books, magazines, advertising, and online communication that is enormous. At the foundation though, still lies the work of the work of artist illustrators who create the images that serve to illustrate the stories we tell.

with Guest and Member Artists:

Ari Aceves | Robert Bensen | Charles Bremer | Lara Bremer Joyce Cabral (M) | Amy Cannon | Sandra Z. DeVisser (M) Henry Drexler (M) | Marie Dungan (M) | Maize Earner Gennaro Falco | Jules Feiffer | Ed Garbarino(M ) | Ann Murdoch Geiger (M) | Bruce Goddard | Isabella Greco | Kelsey Greene | Christine Heller | Doug Jamieson (M) | Sugwon Kang (M) | Marjorie Bradley Kellogg | David Kiehm | A. R. Knight (M) | Abbey Koutnik (M) | Janelle Krause
Dianne Kull (M) | Phyllis Lapi (M) | Kyle Lascelle | William A. Lee (M) | Garlyn MaGinnis (M) |
Paul Marcellino (M) | Beverly McCafferty |
Andrew McNamara | Grace Neubaur | D. Michael Price | Gary Price | Sarah Price | Rhea Reynolds (M) | Damian Salinas | Ruben Salinas | Bruce Schwabach (M) | Eric W. Shute (M) | Tara Tassio | Kathy VanLoan (M) | Joseph Von Stengel | Lauryn Williams | Cheryl Ann Wright (M)