July 27 - August 21, 2021
--  Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11-4pm


FIRE will be an exhibition featuring artwork by both Smithy Member Artists and invited Guest Artists. 

On the surface, FIRE is often seen as the most destructive element, dangerous and uncontrollable, but there are many basic and necessary processes that require it. Some natural habitats even rely on regular brush fires to thrive. Controlling fire has resulted in our ability to cook, stay warm, and develop industry. Pollution is often a byproduct of the fires we burn to support those industries and fuel our lives. Passion, love and anger are often felt as a “burning” emotion.

with Guest Artists:
Robert Bensen, Charlie Bremer, Karin Bremer, Vernon Burnett, Erik Halvorsen, , Emily Johnston, Willie Marlowe, Bob McCann, Michael Piercy, Emilie Rigby, Stefanie Rocknack, Tim Sheesley, Pamela Strother, Vicki Whicker, and David Wilson. 

woman standing and facing a painting on wall inside gallery