June 15 - July 17, 2021


AIR will be an exhibition featuring artwork by both Smithy Member Artists and invited Guest Artists. Often an invisible force in our everyday lives, AIR can be a difficult topic to represent visually. Life on Earth depends on the presence of oxygen in our atmosphere and on the countless biological & chemical processes affected by it. But apart from its literal importance, our artists have been able to take inspiration from the many things we have come to associate with AIR.

with Guest Artists:

Charlie Bremer, Michael Price, Ashley Cooper, Stefanie Rocknack, Vicki Whicker, Julene Waffle, Kyle Lascelle, Sandra Finkenberg, Mary Lou Ganio, David Kiehm, Kevin Hammon, Willie Marlowe, Bob McCann, Michael Piercy, Colleen O'Hara, Edmond Rinooy-Kan, Tim Sheesley, Madeline Silber and Pamela Strother.