Smithy Pioneer Gallery

Announcing the 
Summer 2014 
Gallery Season!

Join the SCA in celebrating a whole new season of works by our regional member artists, exhibitions by varied groups like Catskill Puppet Theater and students from Susan Jones Kenyon's class "Personalities of Paint," and our featured sculptor in the SCA courtyard all summer: Adrian Landon!

Visit us during our openings for a fabulous gala to celebrate art & live music!

Season Opening: May 26th, 5-7pm
Show Two Opening: July 7th, 5-7pm
Show Three Opening: August 18th, 5-7pm

What's On Now? 

We are in the midst of change-over between exhibitions!
Visit us Monday, July 7 at 5pm for our 2nd Opening of the season!

Show #1: On Closer Inspection

OPENING May 26th: 5-7pm -- Show Runs May 26 - June 29

1st Floor - 
Featured Artists: Henry Drexler, Rhea Reynolds, Fran Harris 
2nd Floor -
Solo Show: Joyce Cabral
Exhibitions: Personalities of Paint, Ceramicist Alex Bauer
3rd Floor - Member Show 
On Closer Inspection

Curated by Kristin E. Bergene 
In the Garden - Sculptures by Adrian Landon & Alex Bauer

Upcoming Exhibits... 

Show #2: Local Artists, Foreign Landscapes

July 7th - August 10th
Garden Feature: Marcus Villagran
(Ceramic Artist, image Left)
1st Floor - Mary Nolan
with Adrian Landon (Small Exhibit)
2nd Floor Solo Show - Ed McDaniel (image right)
2nd Floor Exhibit - Catskill Puppet Theater
3rd Floor - Member Gallery "Local Artists, Foreign Landscapes" - Bill Lee (Curator)

Show #3: A Winter Walk In August

August 18th - September 21st
Garden Feature: James Herman, Sculpuralist (right)

1st Floor - "The Artist’s Subject" Lordan Bunch (left) & Jessica Dalrymple

2nd Floor Solo Show - Sandra DeVisser
2nd Floor Exhibit - James Herman & Adrian Landon

3rd Floor - Member Gallery "A Winter Walk in August" - Chelsea Gibson (Curator), Clay Student/Faculty Show

The 2014 Summer Season

Remembering Previo
us Seasons...